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We at Blue Scouts provide a wide range of Talent Acquisition and Management services. We believe in closely working with our clients to understand the organisation's culture, philosophy and values in-depth to provide tailored solutions every time. We also work with individuals looking for new roles by understanding their requirements and expectations, to help them reach their career goals.

A division within BluOne India, we carry the same core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency with us, and the same is reflected in the work we do for our clients.



Talent Acquisition

Understanding the talent requirements of the organisation in depth to provide the best fit for the position. The process aims to benefit the organisation and the applicant by establishing a transparent blueprint for recruitment, job expectations, performance evaluation, and career advancement paths.

Plug and Play: This service provides on-demand solutions where Blue Scouts will work as an extension to the organisations internal talent acquisition team to provide additional skilled resource when needed.Executive Search: This is a research backed, outsourced approach to executive search that enables businesses to frequently secure, seasoned professionals.Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Blue Scouts will become an internal talent acquisition team to manage all the recruitment requirements and can take on and run the whole recruitment strategy.

Talent Management

Managing a temporary or contractor workforce can be costly, time consuming and a huge administrative undertaking. Blue Scouts provides a single solution for all temporary and contractor requirements—from blue collar to operational contractors and senior interims—by taking control of the flexible workforce, managing the agency supply chain and providing full visibility of the team through one consolidated invoice.

HR Support Centre: Also called HR on demand or Virtual HR. This service provides a variety of benefits including: guidance on associate issues and HR labour laws, development and direction on company handbook, advise and support on hiring, performance review and termination, Competency profiling, engagements, talent acquisition and management, and Training and Development (TNA / TNI). Organisations can also get access to HR templates and checklist, a Central and State law library.

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The team at Blue Scouts has delivered successful recruitment and talent management solutions in the past and we can help you too. Whether you're looking for people to help your organisation reach new heights or are willing to improve the talent processes within your team, we are here to provide tailored solutions for all your talent requirements. Individuals looking for new opportunities can also connect with us. We will get back to you whenever we have a position open for you.

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